Project description

Establishing, extending and intensifying the partnership and contact between young people of Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda are the core goals of this educational project within the partnership of Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda.

This project focuses primarily on establishing virtual youth exchange(s) between young people from Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda.

Virtual youth exchanges offer great opportunities for young people to get in contact with peers from the other country without the obstacles of traveling and the need to have larger amounts of money available.

The partnership between Rhineland-Palatine and Rwanda offer a huge potential to establish this educational settings in the framework of the partnership and connect to existing resources and networks.

The project contributes to the empowerment of young people on various levels as well as to the vitality of the partnership between Rhineland-Palatine and Rwanda. 

The Network of „Europe Schools“ (Europaschulen des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz) and the existing network of school partnerships with Rwanda will function as the motor on the German side. In this way the two networks and the individual schools will be strengthened. As a result increased intercultural, digital and social competencies will be generated.

The young people and the participating schools will delve concretely into the topics of Global Education, intercultural learning and Education for Sustainable Development.

The complete project description is as PDF download available here:

Project description VYE RLP & RW