Fact Sheet VYE

In a nutshell:

If you are a school or a youth group in Rwanda or Rhineland-Palatine and you want to get in contact to learn, share and experience intercultural dialogue together.

This is the right thing for you.

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Fact Sheet VYE

A lasting memory & learning experience

The European education center Europahaus Marienberg in cooperation with the Partnerschaft Rheinland-Pfalz/Ruanda – Partnership Rhineland-Palatinate/Rwanda (Jumelage) offer “Virtual Youth Exchanges” (VYE) for young people from both countries.

Each project will bring two groups preferably 14+ years of age digitally together to explore and learn on different subjects with activities on and offline. The project is executed by trainers from the Europahaus Marienberg in close cooperation and joint partnership.

The “Virtual Youth Exchange” brings together online and offline activities that create bonds between the two partner groups.

The core aim is to share and learn together and delve into the world of the others. Topic, duration and workload are flexible factors that can be adapted for every VYE anew. All items will be discussed between the Europahaus Marienberg as facilitator and both partner groups from RLP and Ruanda.

A lasting memory & learning experience

What you can expect

# Creates the opportunity to get in contact with other young people from another country with another cultural background

# Promoting inclusion, intercultural competencies and empathy

# Learn, work and cooperate in a digital set- up, increasing employability

# Enhancing active and democratic citizenship

# Experiencing fun, exchange and daily life with peers from the partner country

# Increasing language skills in an education- related environment

# Gaining knowledge and learning to learn competencies

# Establishing international networks for the partner organizations

# Enriching the portfolio and activities for young people in school

# Contribution and strengthening of European-African dialogue

What you can expect

Contact us

Lead project organisator is the European education center Europahaus Marienberg.

Phone :

+49 2661 640 441

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Address :

Mr. Karsten Lucke

Europahaus Marienberg, Europastr. 1, 56470 Bad Marienberg